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Seeking a career change ?

Seeking a career change ?

Since the early part of last year we have seen increasing numbers of people coming to us from all walks of life, graphic designers, web developers, nurses and the occasional doctor ! Bus drivers, actors, photographers, builders, kitchen designers, the list goes on and on.

But the one thing that all these guys have in common is that they were sat at home contemplating their navels and thinking…. Am I happy in my job ? and the answer to that in a lot of cases was no !!

What sets Barbering apart from a lot of career options is the sheer versatility of the profession, after qualification you may wish to dip a toe into the world of cruise ships, TV and Media, travel the world cutting hair and meeting new people, new cultures and new opportunities arise all the time.

A career in barbering can be exciting and exhilarating, opening the door to all sorts of new experiences and opportunities, all over the globe.

Don’t waste another day, week year, or even decade doing something that you aren’t really enjoying or grafting really hard only to line someone else’s pockets !

Enrol on an NVQ course this month for a September start and we will give you a brand new, shiny, Barbering kit including everything you could need to start you on your barbering journey ! This kit has a value of £400 so consider that when you are comparing prices with other establishments.

We have also had an inspection by VTCT this month (our awarding body and basically the guys who give you the certificate ! And they rated us as ‘Very low risk’ which means that our teaching and learning as an assessment centre is excellent, also something else to bear in mind when choosing your training provider !

So don’t delay, book before August ends for your new kit and shiny new career, you won’t regret it !!!!

Paul Guy.

Academy Diretor.

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