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Guild of Barber Surgeons

Guild of Barber Surgeons

A lot of people probably don’t realise that barbers still have the same guild in the City of London, as surgeons!

Very close to our very own home in Shoreditch lies the home of the Guild of Barber Surgeons.

From the 1300’s barbers were regarded as very important people who carried loud surgery, blood letting, leeching and all other kinds of medical jobs, the were closely allied to monks at that time and assisted in their daily duties.

Very close to Hair for Men Academy lies the hall that houses the worshipful company of barbers in the city and you can actually visit the hall at various times.

The barber pole is said to signify white for bandages and red for blood with the blue signifying veins!

The original barbers guild was destroyed by the great fire of 1666 and subsequently rebuilt only to be bombed and destroyed again in the 1940’s WW2. The relatively modern, the new hall is happily still standing in Monkwell square.

Barbers and surgeons went their separate ways in 1745, but we still share the same guild which makes us very proud as a profession.

So, at Hair for men academy Shoreditch ‘we actually instil this sense of proud history and tradition into our students and explain that our Barbering school in London is literally a few hundred yards from where it all started and that ours is a proud profession to be a part of.

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